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We depart from the capital of Salta southwards through typical villages of Valle de Lerma  like, Cerrillos, La Merced and El Carril, where colonial architecture and tobacco plantations frame the beautiful route. Leaving the valley, the road gets into a wet ravine apart Escoipe`s river, after being cross the road  introduces us to the majestic Cuesta del Obispo, one of the most beautiful landscapes of this journey.

The ascent culminates in the 3348 masl at Piedra del Molino, where the panoramic view allows to see the way we just made. A few minutes later and in the middle of Los Cardones National Park, we cross La Recta del Tin-Tin (the Tin-Tin straight), part of the Inca trail, 16km perfectly drawn. Here we have an obligate stop to appreciate the giant cactuses and fianlly we arrive Cachi. This charming village of Alto Valle Calchaquí, located at the base of the mountain Nevado de Cachi, is surrounded by beautiful poplars and red pimentales. We visit its square, the church, that have detail in wood. The Museum of Archaeology reflect the prehispanic history of Calchaquí Valley.

Early in the afternoon we said goodbye to this beautiful town, returning to the city of Salta on the same path.

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